Nowadays, oil has a lot of preservatives that prevent oxydation, bad smell and make oil last longer and keep its taste, smell and other properties. So, even though all of us aim at buying a natural, fresh oil, we are likely to buy something that has been oiled a while ago and added a lot of chemical stuff to make it look fresh, taste and smell good. Naturally, oil becomes rancid after a short while if not being consumed, so, it is no wonder, and no one should believe that oil that can be bought from the corner shop is free of such sort of chemicals.

Substances that are commonly used for refining oil are hexane, sodium hydroxide (caustic soda) or phosphoric acid. Even though it is hard to imagine, this is what the modern process of obtaining oil out of seed means. More, all these processes require temperatures up to 300 Celsius, the temperature destroys vitamins, minerals, enzymes, good fats, etc.

As fruits and vegetables have a lot of benefits for human health, providing essential vitamins, minerals and enzymes, that strengthen out immune system, so has seed and fruit oil. It contains a lot of elements that can boost our health or repair our body and damaged cells. So, you can have the best medicine or cure we could think of, right at your disposal, everyday, 7 days a week.

So, fresh and natural oil from quality seeds is as precious for human health as fruits and vegetables are. More, oil is a source of “good fats“ and proteins, vital for you heart, circulations and cells. Therefore, try to eat as natural as you can and to avoid processed (refined) oil, that may look or taste better, but it lacks the essential substances that your body longs for and it has a lot of chemicals that may harm your body beyond repair.